Sep 14, 2020

Our Campaign Platform

So many of us in Asheville are struggling to make ends meet on stagnant wages and fixed incomes as the cost of living rises, while the tourism industry strains our natural resources and infrastructure. We need a just transition from the emergencies of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change , systemic racism, and economic instability. The work we must do to ensure a resilient community includes urgent action to take better care of the planet and each other. This means we need:

  • CLIMATE JUSTICE through a Green New Deal with a race & class analysis. This includes: following through with intergenerational Black leadership demanding reparations; building statewide coalition for community renewables legislation; addressing education equity; ending food desserts & apartheid; securing our food & water systems; reimagining public safety; supporting local, living-wage jobs; partnering for resilient neighborhoods; and restoring our tree canopy.
  • DEEPLY AFFORDABLE HOUSING through cooperative & creative solutions!
  • A fare-free, REGIONAL TRANSIT NETWORK, because transit is at the intersection of equitable access, economic mobility, and environmental sustainability. As part of multimodal infrastructure and safer road designs, we can get more cars off the road while getting people safely to their destination.
  • A PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY & BUDGETING process that removes barriers to participation while ensuring equity in decision-making around our budget, planning, and policies. This is being done with success in Greensboro and Durham, NC. In Asheville, we need this level of public input in our City budget, the Dogwood Health Trust, and in restructuring the Tourism Development Authority so our hotel occupancy taxes are moved from advertising to infrastructure, healing, and structural change.

As a community, we are woven together, and need each other, so I invite you to join me in strengthening our community bond. We can and must Be ‘Bout it Being Better. I’m proudly endorsed by Sunrise Movement AVL, Sierra Club, EqualityNC, Asheville City & Buncombe County Associations of Educators, the Western NC Labor Council, Councilwoman Sheneika Smith, Councilman Brian Haynes, Rev. Amy Cantrell, Chef Gene Ettison, Jodi Rhoden, Ami Worthen, Julio Tordoya, Magaly Urdiales, and many more neighbors like yourself.

Join me voting early between October 15-30th so we can avoid long lines, ensure accurate voter registration, and show support for increased access to the polls!


Kim Roney is a piano teacher, service-industry worker, and community advocate who walks, bikes, and rides the bus here in Asheville. She was a founding member of 103.3 AshevilleFM, where she served as Station Manager and covered City Council meetings for the AFM News Hour; currently serves on Asheville’s Multi-Modal Transportation Commission and Transit Committee; and has attended City Council and over a dozen commission meetings for more than 5 years.