Sep 1, 2020

Community Care during COVID-19

COVID-19 has revealed and amplified race & class inequity in our country and our community. It’s up to us as a community to be woven together as we shift the narrative. If you are with me in dreaming of a more inclusive, resilient community, weary of the way things are, eager for a social attitude adjustment, ready to work on healing ourselves, our community, and our planet, then let’s be ’bout it being better:

  1. If you are experiencing hardship due to the pandemic, there are community resources here:
    • General Concerns, United Way: dial 2-1-1
    • Food and/or Street Medic, BeLoved: (828) 242-8261
    • Eviction/foreclosure, Pisgah Legal: (828) 253-0406
  2. Get gardening and consider volunteering with the Community Garden Network.
  3. Connect with and support BeLoved Community and WNC Worker Center, who are doing mutual aid with vulnerable neighbors and those ineligible for stimulus/unemployment funds. If time is all we have to give right now, let’s give generously: Follow them on social media and take time to follow through when they have action alerts. 
  4. Let’s get united in demanding our tax spending supports planning and policies in line with our shared values. Volunteering with Racial Justice CoalitionSunrise Movement AVLGreenworksand Just Economics are ways to participate regularly while staying informed and ready to take action around local budgets and policies.
  5. As an act of genuine care, let’s mobilize a virtual march to the polls for November 3rd, 2020: Mark your calendar; check your voter registration; share information about how to register online and how to get an absentee ballot; then seek out a neighbor who doesn’t have a voting buddy yet so ya’ll can make a date to ensure your votes are cast!